Broderick K. Pugweiler turns 5!

Brody turns 5 tomorrow. Its weird to think that I’ve had him for 3 years now, and I’ve known him to be the boy in my life longer than Mick. Yes…this is a post about my dog’s birthday.

Its an arbitrary birthday date. When I got him from Wonder Dog rescue, 3 years ago tomorrow, Linda (the woman who runs the rescue) said he was 1.5 or 2. I made that day his 2nd birthday. It was the day before Easter Sunday, April 6. Now I always remember that its that time of year when the Easter Bunny and candy come out.

Since that day, I haven’t been lonely. Even when Mick is out of town…I always have a friend to cuddle with me on the couch. And cuddle he does. He keeps me warm at night, follows me around, and ALWAYS brings something to greet me at the door.

I went to brunch 3 years back with my then neighbors Robyn and Joanne. Robyn needed a new pet bed, so we headed to the nearest pet shop. Wonder Dog rescue works that corner on the weekends. When I walked up to the corner and I saw him sitting quietly amongst a crew of yappers, I immediately thought he looked like a big dude in a little dudes body. We named him Broderick K. Pugwieler, because we thought he resembled a Rotweiller. Turns out, Carlin Pinchers are bred to look like that.

He immediately sat in my lap, and was so well behaved. Good thing I got to him first, as he had lots of lookers.

We had a slumber party the first night to see if it was a relationship worth working on, and I fell asleep on the couch, and he immediately fell asleep in my leg nook. He never left, its his favorite spot.

A few facts about my dog:

1) He was a rescue from a Sacramento shelter brought to Wonder Dog. He had never seen a beach till I brought him to Fort Funston (thats what I believe)

2) He had never been in a body of water till I threw guided him into my fathers pool (also something I am choosing to believe). He has yet to see or walk in snow.

3) He has the best snaggle-tooth.

4) He is a curmudgeon. Grunts at EVERYTHING. People will say its cuz he is part pug. I say its cuz he is an old soul.

5) He was named Stinky when Wonder Dog first got him, then Odie. I changed it. It was for his own good.

6) He orbits me when I get home. He has his toy in his mouth, and as long as I ask him “What do you have?” over and over again…he will continue orbiting, sometimes switching direction when he gets dizzy. He just likes to show me what he has.

7) He LOVES our cat (his little sister). So  much in fact that he cleans her ears….and now she has much less hair on them.

8 ) As little as he is…he takes up the ENTIRE bed. And when we move him, the curmudgeon in him objects loudly.

9) He loves wearing costumes. He owns a Lobster, Turtle, Chicken, Shark, Zombie dog, and he will soon have a tuxedo for our wedding.

10) My dog is cuter and cooler than yours. That’s a fact.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROSEF….I don’t remember my life without you.

This was from his 3rd birthday party. We made him a bacon cake.

This was from his 3rd birthday party. We made him a bacon cake.

they snuggle ALL the time

I told you he loves costumes!

I told you he loves costumes!



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Frankie sends his birthday wishes! Woof woof to you!

Happy doggie bday! So cute!
.-= Genevieve´s last blog ..Hello Lover 2 =-.

Awww. He looks like a good cuddle.

PS Your feet are going to hurt on the wedding day. I bought a beautiful pair that I could wear again after the wedding. I also kicked them off about half of the time.

Stopping by from SITS today.
.-= Tina Lane´s last blog ..Virtual Field Trip: Flagler Beach, FL =-.

CUTE post, Summuhs. I remember the day you brought him home to BBH very well. He wouldn’t let anyone near him but you & used to growl at me. :)

Happy Birthday, Brodseph! You’ve come a long way, buddy.

“He had never been in a body of water till I (threw) guided him into my fathers pool”

LOL! Love it.

Also love the Gertie/Brody snuggle photos. so cute.
.-= jamie´s last blog ..Q&A with Kyle Jarrow, book and lyric writer of Duncan Sheik’s new musical ‘Whisper House’ =-.

[...] by thelittlegoat on May 17, 2010 at 7:26 am. So I don’t think its a secret anymore, but Brody (my pooch) is going to be our ring bearer. We aren’t having any children at our wedding. [...]

Just found your blog after I Googled “Pugweiler”. Just got the DNA results on my pug mix and found out she is Pug/Rottie, too! She has Brodie’s face, only in all-black!

He’s a cutie and I am enjoying reading about him!

Thats so random!! Whats funny is that Brody isn’t actually a Rot…he just looks like one! What a cool mix you have!!

Your dog is cute! It’s ears go just like my doggie’s do! Also, looks very similar to mine and your cat looks just like my Manny Boy. My cat and dog do not snuggle, although they do get along well. Animal shelters do a wonderful thing! We got ours through Petfinder–the founder of Canine Lifeline rescued her and brought her to us!

Ahhh he is soo cute and I love the picture with him and his sister. I too have a rescue dog named Calvin, my world revolves around him.

I came from sits. Based on this entry alone I am adding you so i can read you. I have two dogs, Lily and Camilla, and they keep me company too!

I love my furry friends…they are annoying at times, but the good outweighs the bad.

I love your dog! My dog, Bill Smith, is a rescued Rottweiler. We got her (yes, her) when she was 1.5-2 years old, too! She was full grown and weighed 45 pounds. Now she’s the same size, but weighs a healthy 110. Give the pugweiler a squeeze from us!

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